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What's my home worth?

Only Planet NZ blog...

Examining the waste


Having developed, in recent years, a desire to be a better global citizen, less wasteful and more caring for the planet on whose surface we scrabble, I was particularly struck by a recent event.

Follow the guidelines


Here we are again. Whilst none of us are, I'm sure, entirely happy about it, can we at least agree that it is necessary? I mean, what's the alternative?

Our changing world


It seems trite to moan about recycling soft plastics in Cambridge NZ when across the world people are dealing with such crises as the earthquake in Haiti, unprecedented rainfall and flooding in Japan,

Here's the ammunition...


As I write, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is about to publish their latest report. I reckon it should be called

Time to take a lead?


The biggest manufacturer, in the world, of plant based meat is called Beyond Meat. The founder of Beyond Meat is called Ethan Brown,

Money to watch the world go round


Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos have both recently returned from the edge of space.

Why we must work together


After the Howl of a Protest which swept through Cambridge and the rest of the country last Friday,

On the right track


We boarded the train en famille at Frankton last Saturday morning at the start of our 'winter break',

Doing it by the book


On the occasion of a recent birthday I was given a copy of a newly published book. It's called 'Climate Aotearoa - What's happening & what can we do about it'.

The gulf between us


I wrote recently about timescales and how we sometimes refer to mind-bendingly long periods of time in convenient terms like the 'Cambrian explosion'

Car package works for me


I have, on a couple of occasions, had cause to write to Jamie Shaw who is now the minister for climate change.

The truth is ...


I became vegetarian about four years ago. There were two reasons.

Giving with one hand


The act of sending any person to person mail or parcels through NZ Post is now carbon neutral.

An hour of rubbish.


Apparently I am grumpy on Tuesday mornings. That's because Tuesday is rubbish day and we have to get our rubbish bags out on the street by seven o'clock in the morning.

A moment in time.


Cast your mind back 541 million years. That was when the Cambrian explosion began.

Time to wake up.


In preparation for this week I had a look through my notes file and found this paragraph:

It's tough being responsible.


At the dinner table last night the conversation turned to the pandemic and the observation was made that this time last year we were in Level 4 lockdown.

How about an aviation tax?


A study published last year concluded that half of the CO2 emitted by the global aviation industry is caused by flights taken by just 1% of the population.

You don't convince me.


Oh dear. I appear to be stirring things up a bit.

Those scientific facts.


I've received a few emails recently in response to this column, all so far disagreeing with what I say.